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Welcome to barrelosophy in the heart of Downtown Grand Junction, Colorado! We believe that fitness is a celebration, and every class is an invitation to discover your strength, build friendships, and create a healthier lifestyle. Whether you're a barre or pilates enthusiast or a first-timer, our community is designed for all levels, promising an experience that's both effective and enjoyable for everyone on a mat.

Join us at barrelosophy, where every pulse is a step towards a stronger, more vibrant you. Embrace the joy of movement, the power of community, and the promise that fitness is not just a routine – it's a journey to a healthier, happier you. Welcome to the barrelosophy family!

About Us
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Husband & Wife Barre Studio Owner

Hi, we’re Brittany & Andy Bowen! We are a husband & wife team that loves doing everything together. We opened our beloved barre studio barrelosophy, in March of 2017. We knew there was a need in Grand Junction for community based fitness classes. A place where people can come, build friendships and work on creating a healthier, fuller life. Barrelosophy is our little baby and we love to watch her grow and develop into the amazing space that she is.

Andy & I are Grand Junction locals for over 30 years. It has been our greatest pleasure to bring a studio to our hometown that inspires community, trust, love and a safe space for clients to work on their goals, create friendships and focus on a healthy, full life. Thank you for supporting a local business and thank you for supporting our dream!

Meet The Team

Barre & Pilates Studio Downtown Grand Junction Colorado
brittany bowen
Barre & Pilates Studio Grand Junction Colorado Womens
mae haulman
Barre & Pilates Studio Grand Junction Colorado Womens Fitness
ciera colson
dani james
Barre & Pilates Studio Grand Junction Colorado
Barre & Pilates Studio Grand Junction Colorado Womens Fitness
brittany ginn
Barre & Pilates Studio Fitness Grand Junction Colorado
cassy newitt
Barre & Pilates Studio Boutique Grand Junction Colorado
natalie kegans
Barre & Pilates Studio Downtown Grand Junction Colorado
sabrina kizer

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634 main street, suite 102, grand jct. co

Tel: 970.201.5585

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