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My name is Dani! I'm a Colorado native and absolute mountain girl. My husband and I own a log home company in the area that allows us to enjoy the beauty of this colorful state. Barre found me a little over a year ago and I fell in love with it immediately. It totaly kicked my butt! But something about the way it kicked my butt was unmatched by any other type of workout I had ever tried. It has been the only fitness routine that I've tried and actually stuck with. It has made me stronger and more lean. It has regulated my overall health and makes me feel amazing everyday. It has given me unbreakable connections with amazing women, but the absolute greatest thing that I love about barre is the emotional release and the mental confidence to push through when things get tough. Barre builds soul strength. Something I think we can all benefit from in this crazy world. :)

Dani James
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