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Organic Vegan Salted Caramel Bites

Organic • GF • Vegan • 4 Ingredients

100 Cal, 26g Carbs, 6g Fat, 3g Protein

This has quickly become my favorite sweet treat. If you know anything about me, it's that I have a sweet tooth that demands attention. These easy, delicious little bites satisfy the cravings and keep the guilt away.

- 13 Organic Pitted Medjool Dates

- 1/2 Cup Organic Peanut Butter

- 1/2 Cup Organic Dark Chocolate Chips

- Pinch of Salt

Add dates, peanut butter and salt to a food processor and blend till combined.

Press into a 12x22 cm loaf tin.

Freeze for 1-2 hours

Slice into 12 even pieces and dip into the melted chocolate till pieces is completely covered.

Step 4

Allow chocolate to set and enjoy!

1 Comment

Mar 28, 2022

Best little treats ever!!

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