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The Best Avocado Toast

When it comes to breakfast, this one is my absolute favorite! It's super easy, extra delicious, incredibly filling and it always makes me feel like I've ordered something fancy from a cute little bistro. The Best Avocado Toast really is THE BEST AVOCADO TOAST!


- Gluten Free Bread

- 1 Semi-Ripe Avocado

- Cherry Tomatoes

- Ricotta (Vegan Option)

- Sun Dried Tomatoes

- Truffle Salt


Step 1: Toast 2 pieces of Gluten Free Bread

Step 2: Cut Avocado in half, remove pit and mash remaining with fork

Step 3: Slice cherry tomatoes in half

Step 4: Spread Avocado evenly onto both pieces. Cover with Cherry Tomatoes, Sun Dried Tomatoes, 2 dollops of Ricotta on each slice. Sprinkle with Truffle Salt.


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